Black Shoe Love

I love a good black shoe that will go with anything in my closet and these recent purchases are no exception. Trying on a new pair of shoes is absouletly orgasmic and it's even better when the shoe fits. I have a hard time finding shoes that fit me and are comfortable because I wear a size 11 and I have wide feet. So whenever I come across a pair of shoes that A. fit me, B. are cute, and C. are affordable I jump for joy; and thats exactly what i did when I found these shoes. These shoes are cute, versatile, and would fit right into any ones shoe collection.   

I have been eyeing these boots since last year and so far I don't regret my purchase. They are a little stiff in the ankle area but I'm sure with time it will loosen up. 

These babies were on clearance when I got them and they are size 10 which is fine because they arent incredible snug, It also helps that this shoes heel is low. Granted I do try to buy shoes in my exact size but these were to cute to pass up and they arent uncomfortable so win win.

Last but not least the Lace Up's. I've been yearning for a shoe in this style and in my size since the fall but everywhere I searched I could only find a max size of 10, which is a big fat no no. I've learned the hard way that if I buy a heeled shoe in a 10 then I'm just asking for trouble. So when NastyGal came out with their own shoe brand with the shoe I wanted, in the style I wanted, and in my size I jumped for joy. Yes i know material posions should't bring me as much happiness as they do but certain things do and when they do I am happy for weeks on end. 

What shoes have you guys added your collections lately? Anyone else have a hard time finding shoes in size 11 or up?

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